Coming soon to an Apple store - a rumoured medical device that detects heart attacks

The Cupertino-based company might be saving lives in the near future, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle

Last we heard, Apple makes smartphones, tablets, and reportedly, a smartwatch. Here's one more for the rumour list - medical devices. Looks like this Apple isn’t keeping the doctor away.

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle claims that the iDevice makers are eyeing the medical category. Audio engineer Tomlinson Holman, known for his work on Lucasfilm’s THX system, is reportedly working with Apple to develop a listening device that monitors the sound of your blood, which is used to analyse and predict the chances of a heart attack.

It’ll pre-empt a cardiac arrest and allow you to ward yourself before it’s too late. But it’s not going to lower the chances of a heart attack - a balanced diet and getting off your lazy arse for a bout of exercise are still essential.

Details are still sketchy at the moment, but we wouldn’t put it past Apple to come up with a radical, life-changing technology.

[Source: The San Francisco Chronicle via The Verge]

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