Stuff Tripping: In Bali with the Canon PowerShot N100

Take a break, rest your eyes with these 15 breathtaking pictures of Bali

Bali is one of the places on earth where we can't describe its beauty to you. Stuff was invited to the serene island for the South East Asian launch of three smartphones by ZTE and since we didn't want you to feel left behind in all that fun, we bring the nature to you in the form of pictures.   

Do resorts look like this?

We've been to a few resorts, but none of them so far had this view. It looks like it belongs on a postcard.  

Our main purpose

With so much going on in Bali, it was hard to focus on the fact that we were there for ZTE's unveiling of three smartphones in South East Asia. 

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Moonlight, moon bright

Forget about starlight - the moon was in full cast that night so we had to get the Canon PowerShot N100 out to capture this. Yes, that's a real picture. The only thing fake is the light illuminating the tree. 

Food, glorious food

Nothing makes us salivate more than a good dessert. Check out the vivid colours of the tiny fruits on those tarts. Now, wipe off that drool. 

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