Bug your friends online and off with the SMS-enabled Facebook messenger

Android version previously in testing, now rolling out to more users as well as iOS

Last month, Facebook quietly pushed out an updated version of its mobile Messenger app to Android users. Seems the company's decided that more people need to get in on the love-in and most Android users will be seeing it on their phones.

Yet another WhatsApp alternative?

Though the company did not specifically mention it on its blog, the iOS version has also been updated.

The first thing you will notice about the app is the refreshed UI, which has moved away from just copying the desktop messaging interface. A special icon is now attached to your contacts list so you can see which of your friends has the new FB messenger app.

The messenger also allows you to send texts from the app, even to people who are not your Facebook friends. But the other person needs to have the app installed, so it does not work as a plain text app.

Try out the new Facebook Messenger, available on Google Play and App Store.

[Source: Facebook]

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