Break out the candles, this Bluetooth speaker is powered by fire

And you thought your potato-powered clock was special

A candle holder? You’re writing about a candle holder?
Technically, yes, the Pelty will happily hold a candle. But it’s what it does with it that’s important.

What you're looking at here is a Bluetooth speaker which requires no batteries, no plug socket, and no sunlight.

It's powered purely by the heat generated by an enclosed candle, and nothing else.

No, just glorious, wonderful science.

The Pelty gets its name from the Peltier effect, which is the name given to the process (discovered by a fellow called Jean Peltier), which involves heating or cooling an electrified junction of two different conductors.

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Basically, it means that you can generate electricity simply by creating a difference in temperature across a piece of kit called a Peltier Module.

The difference in temperature across both sides results in a flow of electrons,  creating electricity.

It's a tricky concept to grasp, which is why the video above should help wrap your head around it.

This is pretty neat.
It sure is. The Pelty's got the looks to match its brains too.

It's made from hand-made Italian ceramic and glass, making it an ideal centrepiece for a romantic candlelit dinner. If you're lucky enough to have those.

Yep. All the time. I'm having one right now in fact.
Then you should get off your phone and stop being rude.

If you want to chuck some support towards the Pelty before you get back to your pasta however, then check out indiegogo where you can pre-order one one for the special offer price of US$200 (RM645).

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