How to be the next big YouTuber

Tips from pro Dan Khoo

Of course the best way to know how to do something, is to ask an expert, and who better than one of the local popular YouTuber. Despite being barely into his 20’s, Dan Khoo of Dan Khoo Productions is already quite the YouTube veteran. He has over 135,000 subscribers on his channel to date and has amassed over 11,073,878 YouTube views in total since the channel was started on Jul 10, 2011. 

As he would tell it “Passion and the love for telling stories” was what got him into YouTubing. 

Dan has a preference for Canon DSLRs, relying a lot on his trusty full-frame Canon EOS 6D. He doesn’t have a special rig or setup and relies on standard DSLR equipment and lenses, as well as his trusty monopod. His lighting gear on the other hand, changes according to video requirements.

Gear and stuff are fine and all but he believes that keeping things simple and focusing on the tasks at hand is also pretty important.

“Every part of filmmaking is not easy, from storyboarding to finding actors to shooting. But if you love what you are doing then you will get it done."

Despite his back-to-basics approach to making videos, he says a typical day of Dan Khoo productions is “fun and silly, with a lot of screwups!”

And what's his advice to other aspiring Youtubers?

"All they need is to want it enough. If they have that desire, then, just do it!”

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