Behold the barbecue of your smoky, meatilicious dreams

Other grills tremble at the mention of the Kalamazoo K1000HS, a grill that costs as much as a new car and could probably cook one, if you asked it

Since the first neolithic proto-human constructed a rudimentary framework of sticks, hung a mammoth steak over the embers of his fire and observed that the Ice Age seemed to be brightening up a bit, people everywhere have celebrated warm weather by burning meat outdoors. 

It has taken ten millenia or so since that first grill, but humans have finally nailed it. The Kalamazoo K1000HS is the ultimate barbecue. The 'H' stands for 'Hybrid', but don't worry, this is no planet-saving Prius; the Kalamazoo can cook with charcoal, wood and gas in any combination. Using all three it has an output of over 170,000 BTUs, which is enough to heat four decent-sized houses. In winter. You can use it for long, slow cooking favoured by American grillers, or you can just turn it up to full whack and see what its 1000°F (538°C) maximum temperature does to a pizza, or a chicken, or the last remaining North American Bison. It's what he would have wanted. 

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It might not have a macho name like other high-end American barbecues, most of which are named after species of big cat or the fire-gods of ancient religions, but the Kalamazoo makes up for it in the sheer power and majesty of its huge burners (the brass heads weigh 14lbs each), its enormous, laser-cut grill surfaces and its ability to cook an adult male walrus in under ten minutes. We're guessing on that last bit, but it sounds about right.

Behold the barbecue of your smoky, meatilicious dreams

Of course, the awesome power of the K1000HS is only available to those who have a garden the size of Wales, and enough money that they can spend US$21,000 (RM67,694) on a barbecue without fainting. If you are one of those people, have your butler click here.


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