Asus' tiny 4K Chromebox could be the ultimate Netflix machine

Meet the little black box that can pump out 4K on a miniature budget

Asus has lifted the curtains off a new mini Chrome OS PC, and it only costs US$180 (RM600).

At just under 5 inches wide and a little over 1.5 inches tall, the Chromebox's black shell manages to house an Intel Haswell i3 or Celeron 295U processor, along with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM and Intel's integrated HD graphics.

A core i7 option will also be available at some point after launch, and while only 16GB of on-board storage is available, you'll get 100GB of Google Drive storage thrown in for the first two years.

Wi-Fi, ethernet, four USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and an SD card reader round off the spec sheet.

The Intel i3 and i7 models of the Asus Chromebox will be capable of pumping out 4K content via the HDMI or Display Port, which could make it the ideal movie streaming machine when Netflix's 4K service lands.

If you want to supercharge your telly with Chrome OS on a budget then you can pick up the Chromebox in March from US$180 (RM600).

We've contacted Asus for UK pricing information, and will update the story accordingly.

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[Asus via Engadget]

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