The Mac at 30: Apple's 10 most memorable Macs

7. iMac G4 (2002)

The iMac had repositioned computers as truly consumer fare, but the G4 model infused them with personality. – with an arm-mounted flatscreen that made the iMac look like it had escaped from a Pixar animation. The iMac G4 was also the first great example of how Apple would radically rework even hugely popular hardware to remain relevant – and this playful design was itself eventually superseded by the ‘screen only’ iMac G5.

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8. MacBook Air (2008)

At Macworld 2008, Steve Jobs noted how lightweight notebooks from rivals were full of compromises, and he then pulled the surprisingly powerful and absurdly thin MacBook Air from an envelope. The industry scoffed, but then fell over itself trying to ape Apple’s design – the age of the super-thin laptop had arrived.

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