Korg's Gadget app crams 15 of its best synth and drum machines into your iPad

Korg wants you to swim in fuzzy basslines. Here's why you should dive in

Another Korg app? Should I really be excited?

Well, answer us this. Should you be excited about an app containing over 50 years worth of virtual synths and drum machines, created by a company whose products have had electro-heads salivating since 1962?

Yes. Yes you should.

But I've already got GarageBand…

.. which doesn't even come close. Korg's app offers the ultimate portable blank canvas for pure unadulterated electronic music creation. If you want to dabble in synths, create your own electronic masterpiece or add a sprinkle of magic to your existing creations, this app will deliver in spades. Big, flashy spades, covered in knobs and buttons, pulsing with deep electrical humms of anticipation.

But how does it work?

Korg's Gadget app crams 15 of its best synth and drum machines into your iPad

Korg offers 15 virtual synths and drum machines, or 'Gadgets' for you to play around with, letting you build up complex layers of sound in combination with a built-in sequencer and mixer. You can run more than 20 at once, from straight-up bass dropping synths to an videogame sound creators. You'll be pumping out a retro-8-bit-electro-pop-funk-acid-house tune in no time. Only three other people on the planet will 'get it', but who are we to judge?

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Can I share my musical genius with the world?

Of course you can. Korg offers a free GadgetCloud music sharing service for all of its users worldwide, or you can upload creations directly to SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. Bring on the torrent of Likes and Retweets.

Where do I throw my money?

While we'd happily take it, you're better off popping to the App Store where you can pick up Korg Gadget for £19.99 - a special 25%-off introductory price.

Just remember who pointed you in its direction when you're warming up for Deadmau5, Skrillex and... whoever else the kids are jumping around to these days.


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