iPod's greatest hits: the revolution and the evolution

We look back on the one product that spawned entire generations of sub-devices and put Apple on the music player map

The iPod looks radically different from when it was first birthed in 2001. But one thing hasn’t changed - its impact on listening to music.

Apple recently announced upgrades to its iPod Touch without any pomp. So we thought we’d make a fuss for it, by looking back at how far the iPod has come since its conception. Hankies at the ready, you’ll feel teary for your old friends.

iPod Classic (2001)

Clunky by today’s standards, the first iPod Classic was a simple 5GB or 10GB box-shaped affair with a mechanical scroll wheel, capable of holding up to 1000 songs. But hey, the mobile music-listening experience was completely changed for the second time since the Walkman. 

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