HTC One (M8) Prime is possibly in the works, and all the other top news you’ve missed

We review the news that made the headlines over the past week

You’re not that far away from the weekend, hang in there. We’ve got you covered – we bring you the top news, in bite size, from last week to ease you through hump-day.

HTC could be releasing a One (M8) Prime soon

Rumour has it (and it’s got nothing to do with Adele) that there’s soon going to be a new smartphone in town – it’s none other than the HTC One (M8) Prime. The internet has been buzzing with gossip about the possibility of an upgraded version of the HTC One (M8) that was launched not too long ago, but the vendor has yet to confirm it.

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Google reminds you where your car is

Google wants to answer all your queries, even telling you where your car is. The search giant has included in its Google Now service a function called “parking detector” – a newly updated search app that detects the approximate location of your vehicle. You can always trust Google to come up with these things.

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Will Apple’s EarPod headphones measure blood pressure and heart rate?

What’s a round up without any news about wearable tech? Apple might soon dip its toes into that space, with the release of its new EarPod headphones. If we believe hearsay, the device will measure your blood pressure and heart rate. Pretty cool for you runners/joggers who love listening to music while you’re on the move.

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Got a PS4? Get the 1.70 firmware now

PlayStation 4 gamers, rejoice. Sony has released its first major update, 1.70 firmware, for the console since it was first launched (we think it’s about time Sony showed some love to the PS4). The update includes a handful of new features, including ShareFactory – an app that allows gamers to create, edit, and share movies from gameplay footage.

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The Leica T belongs in the current camera market

Everybody knows that Leica is famous for its cameras, and now, the company has released its latest addition, the Leica T. Its product manager, Maike Harberts, explains that the T differs from the technology driven and form-follows-function devices currently available in the market.

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