What if the Apple Watch looked like this instead?

Would you rather strap any of these 12 Apple Watch concepts onto your wrist than Jony Ive's creation?

The Apple Watch has been a long time coming.

And now that it's been officially introduced to the public, was it elation or disappointment you felt in your heart? No matter the emotion, here are 12 other ways the Apple Watch could have gone if concept designers had their way.

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Tomas Moyano

The newest of the litter seems to have taken its cues from the Misfit Shine, sporting a coin-sized watch face with a groove along its side allowing it to be attached to all manner of accessories. Designed to be charged both wirelessly and via solar power, this version will also allow you to listen to music wirelessly with newly-designed AirPods. 

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Gábor Balogh

If you’re looking for something more traditional, Gábor Balogh’s concept is the way to go. He replaces the face of the Havana timepiece from Swedish watchmaker Triwa with a display that’s - here’s the twist - not touch-enabled. Instead, users will have to twist the bezel and toggle the three side-mounted buttons to access apps. 

Todd Hamilton

Inspired by Thomas Bogner’s iWatch mockup, Todd Hamilton’s design tweaks the original to include a curved touchscreen display, which has enough space for four icons and a page controller on the right to swipe through pages of apps. While display space is fairly limited, it's not an issue, as he doesn't try to cram too much into its slim interface. 

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