8 iPhone camera secret features to use on World Photo Day

In honour of the annual celebration of photography, here's how you can upgr8 your iPhone-tography skills

The iPhone's camera is indisputably one of the best smartphone cameras around. But can it be made even better?

Well, of course, if you know a few things about how to work that imaging magic. Why have the tools at your disposal, but have no clue as to how to use them properly? We're here to right that wrong; here are some of the things you should know to make you a better iPhone-tographer.

Tip #1: Access the camera app from anywhere

Imagine this: You come across an absolutely fascinating scene while playing a game on your phone. Don’t panic trying to hit the home button, activate the camera app, and drop your phone in the process; the camera function is available from every app.

Solution: All you have to do is swipe up and click on the bottom right icon to bring up the trusty snapper, get your shot, and resume playing Threes! for that elusive high score. Easy peasy.

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Tip #2: Activate infinite burst mode automatically

Imagine this: Trying to photograph a child or a pet would normally result in a blurry mess that looks nothing like your subject. You resort to repeatedly tapping the capture button to get quick shots in succession, and it still doesn't work quick enough.

Solution: Activate infinite burst mode by keeping your finger on the shutter button. After which the photos will appear in your album as a photo stack with the best photo at the top of the stack, automatically chosen by taking into account whether the faces are in focus and even blink and smile detection to boot.

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