Which dessert will triumph in the battle for Android L?

Here are six options we think the upcoming Android OS could be named after

It’ll soon be time to move over KitKat – Google’s shown snippets of the next version of Android at its recent I/O Conference.

Android 4.5 or 5.0, or more lovingly called Android “L” (for now at least) has got many guessing what delectable dessert’s going to be incorporated with the adorable Android icon.  

So, we’re taking a few guesses on what it might possibly be and here’s a hint – it will have to begin with the letter “L” (duh). Lo and behold, the future Android “L” could be amongst these.

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The most probable of all these suggestions is the Lollipop. It will sit well alongside the chocolate, ice-cream, gingerbread, what-have-you varieties that we’ve known so far and are accustomed to. Plus, it’s like tasting a rainbow.

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