App of the week: Riders review

5 stars
Become the extreme sports star you've always secretly wanted to be with Riders for Android and iPhone

Here's the truth: at first, everyone is rubbish at skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding and all that kind of stuff. Nobody was born with the inate ability to perform a Backside Wallride Nollie Out. These things must be learnt, and Riders is here to teach you.

Riders is free for Android and iPhone, and uses a combination of step-by-step text instructions with slow-motion video streamed from the net to break down tricks and techniques into simple chunks.

Pick your trick

The list of disciplines in the current version includes aggressive inline skating, BMX, mountain bike, longboard, scooter, skateboard, ski, snowboard and wakeboard. Some sections have more content than others. For example, the newly added inline skating section has 20 tricks while skateboard has over 200, along with an extensive dictionary of skateboard terms.

Riders app review for Android and iPhone

Dipping into the Tricks menu lets you filter your preferred discipline and then choose a trick from a number of categories. The combination of succinct text instructions and slow motion videos makes it seem pretty easy. As the intro to the 180 Tailwhip explains, it's just "the regular tailwhip except this time you need to do a 180 and ride fakie". No sweat.

Share and share, or like

That would be rather nice in itself, but it's the user-generated content and interaction with fellow knee-grazers that'll keep you coming back to the app. There's an option to upload stills or videos of your own tricks to any of the existing entries, and there are some fantastic contributions for you to learn from.

Riders app review for Android and iPhone

Once someone has added a their own footage or picture, other users can comment or ask questions. There's a community feel here which is refreshing, devoid of the insults and inanity you'll find on YouTube and the like. The social aspect continues with the ability to follow other riders via the app.

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Let them entertain you

If you'd rather just browse and get some inspiration, there's an Editor's Picks section that highlights some of the best new stills and vids, which can also be filtered to include just uploads from those you're following. Even though it's the tutorial side that's more likely to bring you to the Riders app, this stream of Vine-style mini movies and cool photos is what will keep you checking back whenever you get a few spare moments.

Riders app review for Android and iPhone

In fact, the quality of the user uploads is often brilliant: pin-sharp, super-steady tracking cams, pro-standard photography and quite a lot of fast-slow-fast footage. The videos loop too, so you can watch the same trick over and over to analyse what's going on. We've been watching Daiki Ihara busting out a tidy sequence of grinds and flips on the streets of Japan for the past ten minutes. It's quite mesmerising.

Riders review summary

Regardless of your age and abilities, Riders is an ace distraction for anyone with an interest in messing about on wheels and boards. It works well purely as entertainment but the interactivity and potential for learning and developing your own skills and styles makes Riders and essential download.

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Review by Tony Horgan.


App of the week: Riders

An inspirational, educational and entertaining app for all skaters, boarders, skiers and bikers

Riders app review for Android and iPhone
5 stars
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