10 things Apple should totally steal from Android for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6

7. Send screen grabs to their own album

It’s only a little thing, but when living in journo land, we love how Android saves screen grabs to a separate album, unlike iOS, which shoves every type of image into a single stream, leaving you to play ‘spot the actual photo’ among hundreds of pictures of apps. 

8. Contextual services

It’s true iOS has some capacity for learning, for example in training Siri to understand your voice. But Android goes much further, learning about you, and then providing contextual alerts and services, such as traffic notifications for appointments in your calendar, or incoming packages based on information it has access to. In a post-Snowden world, you might be wary of giving Apple the kind of access Google demands to your life and itineraries, but Apple’s historically been good at keeping personal data secure. And to remain competitive in this space, Apple must match Google’s smarts in reducing the reliance on having to manually set alerts and find commonly accessed and immediately relevant information.

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9. Improved notifications

Notification Center has come on in leaps and bounds, and iOS 7 includes a handy ‘Today’ view with weather and calendar details, a big list of notifications, and a filtered list of items you’ve missed. But Apple should pay attention to Android’s notifications that can update dynamically, along with its ability to dismiss them all with a single gesture.

10. Direct file access

Apple clearly wants the file system to die. On iOS, it’s iCloud or nothing, unless the app you’re using supports pseudo-file system Dropbox. Actually, we tell a lie: sometimes, you’re ‘lucky’ enough to work with a product that enables you to access data using iTunes File Sharing. Ugh. There are workarounds such as iExplorer, but we wish Apple would just let those of us who want to rummage around our iPhones and iPads access the relevant data in Finder. In reality, there’s probably about as much chance of that happening as Apple replacing its logo with a green robot.

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