9 famous YouTubers share their daily life stories

Be surprised by the mundane things these Internet celebrities do

So, the HP YouTube FanFest 2014 is on this weekend at *SCAPE Singapore and some of YouTube’s biggest personalities are lined up to perform at the event. There’s going to be lots of talent showcased, fan love, and not forgetting all that screaming. 

To get you all pumped up and ready to go, we caught up with some of these YouTubers – like Bethany Mota, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, and IISuperwomanII – to get a sneak peak into their daily lives.

They answer some questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but never had the chance to.

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Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII on people who’re cynical about her YouTube profession:

“There’s a reason that brands come to YouTubers and there’s a reason why events like these are happening – it’s because this sort of media is taking over traditional media. It’s actually the best job in the world.”

Fun fact: Lilly tried her first durian yesterday, and claims she had to brush her teeth for four hours after. We can’t blame her, that’s one nasty fruit.

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Bethany Mota on what motivated her to start YouTub-ing:

“At that time, it was a bad point in my life, I was being bullied and was going through a rough patch. So I spent a lot of time in my room, which is when I discovered YouTube and was taken by it, so I used it as an outlet to express my opinions and thoughts.”

Fun fact: Being a fashion and make-up blogger, Bethany’s inspired by our Singaporean fashion sense. We wonder which bit.

Alodia Gosiengfiao on her usual get-up:

“I travel between Philippines and Japan every two weeks so I mix and match clothes I get from both countries. I like Zara, and Forever21 and Japan’s got a pretty awesome fashion scene.”

Fun fact: Alodia’s talked about her single status for a while, but she’s not on the market anymore (sorry guys!).

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