8 hurdles preventing Malaysia from becoming a tech utopia

6. 4G: Limited coverage, super expensive

We're still waiting on the super-fast mobile 4G speeds which somehow only seem to be limited to certain pockets of the Klang Valley.

And the 4G plans? Paying through our noses for super-limited data plans is like having a Ferrari which you can only drive on small hidden strips of road.

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7. Tech companies wasting precious resources on substandard products

As consumers, we are actually paying a ridiculous amount of money for things we don't need.

For example, tablets that are priced more expensive just because they contain more memory. Memory is not pricey. At all.

Remember netbooks? What were those things that make your fingers squish up against one another when you typed and were not even powerful enough to run basic software?

And who actually bought a 3D television set for use at home? Come on. Own up.

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8. Too many passwords

All of us have to remember too many passwords. We have personal passwords. Corporate login passwords. Passwords for our phone. Passwords for our bank accounts. Some have even created passwords for their vault of passwords.

On average, we have to remember six different passwords on a daily basis. And for cyber security reasons, we are advised to change our passwords once every 60 days. Who has time for that?

And you can't reuse the same password for multiple logins. Because if you lose one, you'd risk losing all.

Essentially, the entire infrastructure of utopia can be undermined by keystroke loggers and phishing sites. That's not very utopic now, is it?

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