7 stealthy spy apps to use in suspect scenarios

If you ever find yourself in a The Other Woman situation, harness the power of one of these apps

Spy technology has come a long way since the heady days of the cold war. Where there was once microfilm and microphones hidden in walls, we now have pen-cameras that shoot in HD (with sound!).

But the purpose of spying has lost its geo-political game-changing lustre somewhat, and nowadays surveillance and sleuthing is done mostly for scandalous intrigues of the domestic kind - cheating spouses, unfaithful sweethearts and the like. If global superpowers can use spying to vye for global domination, you can sure as hell use it to catch Tom when he goes to the “gym” for his once weekly crotch workouts on the slut machines.

So if like Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman, you find out that the person you’ve been seeing hasn’t been totally honest with you, we’ve prepared a list of the best spy apps available for your smartphone to plot your revenge with. 

iTrack (iOS/Android)

Need to know where he is going while you spike his protein shakes with hormones (the wrong kind)? A good GPS tracker is the answer. The catch with most GPS trackers is you need to install them on both phones, so you'll need a way to hide it. This should do the trick.

Download iTrack for iOS and Android.

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Netguard (iOS)

Need to keep your eyes on your house or anywhere that might become an unintended daytime romp arena for the cheating mate? Netguard is one of many apps that turns your phone into a CCTV control station... if you have the password for a CCTV system that's connected to the internet.

Download Netguard for iOS

Cloud Spy (iOS)

What if your scoundrel is smart enough not to cheat under the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras? Then you need something more subtle and ubiquitous.

These tactful apps transform your home PC with a webcam in the bedroom or the unsuspecting iMac sitting around the office into sly monitoring stations. Cloud Spy in particular turns all your iMacs into remote cameras with which to photograph the unfolding lurid betrayal. How crafty.

Download Cloud Spy for iOS

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