7 ingenious indie games to tide you through the AAA gaming drought

Risk of Rain (PC, US$9.99)

Not that we’re ungrateful, but what is it with the roguelike and 2D gaming tropes? The hook to this sci-fi action title is its action RPG mentality and four-player co-op mode. Fun times, dying with your pals as you brave through the high-piling obstacles and enemies.

The longer you stay alive, the higher the difficulty slider goes, which means more hard-hitting mobs swarming at you. Bigger enemies equal bigger rewards. Not to mention bigger risk of dying and starting from scratch.

As you progress, you can unlock up to ten classes with their own strengths and weaknesses. You’re randomly given a build so you need to tailor its strengths and flaws through the random space world you’re thrust into.

Special mention should go to its old-school pixelated art style and brilliantly-composed soundtrack from the magical hands of Chris Christodoulou.

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