7 ingenious indie games to tide you through the AAA gaming drought

Broken Age (PC, US$24.99)

Broken Age, a production of famed developer Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure, might rule the roost again with its diverse narratives, engaging dialogues and creative puzzles.

It tells a tale of two individuals, sharing the same theme of breaking free from pre-destined constraints. Shay, who has been mollycoddled by a motherly spaceship AI, wants to escape from the melancholy. Feisty Vella refuses to be sacrificed by her submissive people to a monster.

Featuring the vocal talents of Elijah Wood and a surprisingly toned-down Jack Black, Broken Age features gorgeous visuals that’s part George Kamitani and part Maurice Sendak. It’s truly a throwback to the days of LucasArts’ adventure gaming yore, created with modern sensibilities.

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