9 essential 64-bit apps every iPhone 5s owner should download

Call of Duty: Strike Team (US$6.99)

Activision's latest CoD outing in all its 64 bit glory, where players find themselves in 2020 where they must lead a joint Special Operations Team to find who is responsible for an attack on the U.S.

The graphics are stunning, and much faster and more responsive than previous generations. Apart from looking nice, it also tries its best to mix fighting and strategy aspects, and while this doesn't always work, it's a great example of how the 5s is bringing gaming closer than ever to console quality.


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Sky Gamblers: Cold War (US$4.99)

If ground-based fighting just isn't enough, take to the skies with this excellent aeriel dogfighting game. The speed of the game is really exhilarating as you take to the sky in a range of different fighters, and it quickly turns into one of the more manic games we've enjoyed in recent months.


Total Conquest - (free)

If you've always harboured a secret desire to take over Rome, there's no better time to live out your fantasies in the safety and privacy of your iPhone.

Gameloft's latest is a cartoon-style app that lets you build up an army, expand and then go on the rampage, Roma-style in nearby villages.


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