5 superheroes that deserve to be in the spotlight

We can't believe these mighty protectors haven’t been given more love

The superhero saga is on. Within the span of three months, two superhero movies – The Amazing Spider-man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past – have been released.

To add as the cherry on the cake, The CW recently announced a new Flash series for TV.

With all of this attention surrounding superheroes, one might think that some other champions would have made it on screen (or have the limelight they deserve). So here’s five superheroes we want to see more of.

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Deadpool, the anti-hero

Deadpool was featured in a segment of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and whatever little screen time he had, made his character seem like a flop. Picture this - he’s got powers similar to Wolverine, but Wolverine’s been in seven (and counting) movies already. How can such a badass character who constantly breaks the third wall with his snarky humour receive no reception? Seems a little unfair, don’t you think?

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Shazam, the boy wonder

Shazam was one of the most popular superheroes of the 1940s, and if that isn’t any indication of his talent, we don’t know what is. Well, we actually do. His story revolves around a boy that becomes a crusader after he gets struck by lightning (he does that by saying “Shazam!”). We love that even though you see a buff man on the outside, he’s still very much a kid on the inside.

The Tick is not a parasite

What’s cooler than a normal superhero you might ask. It’s definitely a superhero that’s legally insane and escaped from a mental institution. It’s like Prison Break meets Dory from Finding Nemo meets Spider Man. Regardless of all the head injuries and failing memory, he still manages to be a loveable hunk that’s on the side of justice.

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