10 of the coolest Chinese New Year themed gadgets

4. 24kt gold iPad Air

Nothing screams prosperity like gold and this is the iPad with lots of it! Luxury custom gadget maker Ademov Luxury Electronic's 24 karat gold iPad Air is something even your less tech-savvy but wealthy relatives would appreciate.  According to the maker, each iPad is polished, laser cut as well as engraved, with an inlay of black acrylic, all covered in a protective clear coat.

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5. HTC One Gold edition

HTC's special gold edition of the HTC One may not actually be made of gold, but it certainly is shiny enough to distract your relatives from asking the dreaded 'When are you getting married?' question. Guaranteed to get your cousins comparing phones to see which one is shinier this festive season.

6. LG G2 Red and Gold

Not to be outdone by HTC's gold HTC One, LG's trotted out two new festive colour variants for the LG G2. Choose between red and gold and enjoy the new textured back cover which LG says will give you better grip and keep the smudges away. The colour of ang paos or the colour of money? Touch choice indeed.

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