The 10 best, most normal snow games

7. Solipskier (2010)

You can play Solipskier for free here, but it’s much better on Android or iOS. It's pretty straightforward: you just have to keep drawing slopes for your unstoppable skier to ride upon, forming hills, valleys and jumps to the frenetic music. The only glitch is that once your skiier picks up speed, he grows a sort of rainbow cloak, which inspires feelings of hatred and revulsion in all right-thinking citizens.

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6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We're referring to the snowtastic Cliffhanger level, of course, in which you negotiate a nervy ice climb and a Russian airbase, all under the veil of blinding, wind-driven snow. Superb sound, visuals and staging combined to blur the boundaries between set-piece cinematics and the sort of gun-toting action that all men rightly love. The climax – a spectacular snowmobile getaway stuffed full of glaciers, falling trees and near-vertical slopes - was unforgettable.

5. 1080° Snowboarding (1998)

Snowboarding, with its improbably huge jumps and enormous variety of tricks, is a sport that's just made for video games, and 1080° on the N64 was the first to really capitalise on this. Unlike the PlayStation's Cool Boarders series, this wasn't something you could just pick up and be good at. The tricksy controls took time and concentration to get right, but that was part of the (normal, non-degenerate) attraction.

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