Mobile World Congress 2014: the 10 best launches from the show

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Same great build and battery life, but minus the terrible low-res screen and struggling innards? Just what we wanted to see from Lenovo, and it thankfully delivered with its revised kickstand-toting tablet.

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SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 128GB

Yes, it's a microSD card, but look at that capacity - 128GB of magical memory. Seriously, where does it all go? It's a miniature Tardis that can supercharge your phone or tablet into a multimedia beast. Assuming they support that much expandable memory that is. The ideal accessory for the new Galaxy S5.

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Kazam Tornado 2 5.5

British manufacturer Kazam might very well have unveiled the best bang-for-buck smartphone deal around, by announcing the £200, octa-core 5.5in phablet - the Tornado 2 5.5. A 5.5in full HD display, dual SIM slots and 13MP camera finish off the insane (for the money) spec sheet. Here's to hoping that magical price point still stands at launch.

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Fujitsu Tablet

The ultrasonic tech hidden beneath Fujitsu's concept tablet's screen was one of the most remarkable things we've experienced at any tech show. Using ultrasonic inducers, it manages to recreate different textures which you can actually feel with your fingertips. It could revolutionise gaming and keyboards on portable devices, and we seriously can't wait to see where it leads us.

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Yotaphone 2.0

The first Yotaphone was a nice proof of concept, and it plucked at our geek heartstrings in a way that they hadn't been plucked for a long time. Unfortunately though, it was slow, laggy, and notoriously difficult to navigate thanks to some unwieldy controls. The build quality wasn't great either. The second generation Yotaphone addresses all of these issues with a much nicer, rounded design, better specs and a touchscreen that doesn't want to make you commit Harakiri.

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