Jawbone Up review

5 stars
Relax. Have a nap. The Jawbone Up will tell you when it's time to wake up and start running... WAKE UP! IT'S TIME TO START RUNNING!

The best athletes know the importance of a good night's rest, and so does the Jawbone Up. This activity-tracking band helps you rest – so that it can work you even harder.

Style and substance

For those who are as interested in fashion as fitness, the Up is the best looking fitness band out there right now. Its intelligent algorithm does 
a good job of tracking your steps and logging runs, and will even measure 
your sleep.

It’s not Bluetooth-equipped; instead it uses an audio jack to plug into your phone for a quick sync, battery check or change of alarm time. You can also use your phone to set up "idle vibration alerts", which give you a little haptic buzz now and then to encourage you to get up and do something.

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Power-nap management

Step and run recording is as accurate as you could hope, but what really sets the Up apart is the depth of its sleep tracking. Not only does it measure your time with the sandman, it also wakes you up intelligently, so you rise more naturally and therefore more refreshed. The Up doesn’t just watch from the sidelines – it also offers helpful advice. 
Not sleeping well? It’ll give you tips on diet to help you kip.

Then there’s the brilliant power-nap mode, which clocks when you nod off, allowing you 45 minutes of shuteye so you awake alert. While connectivity could be better, the lack of Bluetooth does extend battery life to a solid ten days.


Jawbone Up

Sharp, smart, wrist kit that’ll not only keep you active but also help you sleep better

Jawbone Up review
5 stars
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