Motorola reviews

Motorola F3

3 stars
The F3 is cheap, frills-free and has an extraordinary battery life – but does it take simplification too far?

Motorola RIZR Z8

4 stars
With the RAZR looking old and crusty, Motorola has given us a new icon to salivate over. But is the multimedia Z8 good enough to inherit the mantle?

Motorola Q 9

4 stars
Motorola has taken a break from fashion phones and built a Blackberry-squashing e-mailer – does the Q have the X factor?

Motorola RAZR 2

4 stars
Preview: The original king of thin is back – and this time it’s crammed 2GB of memory, stereo Bluetooth and HSPDA connectivity into an even thinner body

Motorola V3x

4 stars
The V3x is loaded with functions but has lost the gloss of its younger brothers. The lack of memory card and external controls means this is hardly a music phone; just a phone that happens to play MP3s.

Motorola MPx220

3 stars
Moto’s second effort at a Windows Mobile smartphone harbours the same selling points – Pocket Outlook and peerless PC-only synchronisation – as its predecessor but it adds a 1.3MP cam
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