Moto V3 gets 2MP camera

There's been a lot of rot talked about the limitations of the V3. Sure, it doesn't have a decent camera. Oh, hang on. It does now…

Stuff's newshounds have uncovered this mobile on Motorola's US site. Not one to be pilloried for a lack of top tech in its phones, Motorola has announced the V3x, a 2MP version of its massively popular V3.

No details of UK pricing or availability yet but the x is the elusive 3G RAZR, since in addition to that 2megapixel cam, there's also an internal VGA snapper for video calls. Up to 512MB of removable TransFlash memory can be added for extra storage, although again there's no details as to the Moto's internal memory.

Motorola also uses the 3x as a neat way to push its new SCREEN3 tech - software that pushes news, sport, entertainment and other interesting tidbits direct to your mobile's home screen.

We're excited. You're excited. Let's hope it makes it over here by the end of the year. Dear Santa…

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