11 brilliant budget apps for your new Motorola Moto G

Snapseed (Free)

The Moto G doesn’t have the greatest camera around, but you can give the 5MP snapper a great deal of help by installing Snapseed. This photo editing app (now owned by Google) lets you tweak and enhance shots in all sorts of ways: sharpening, straightening, boosting colour or contrast, and adding effects and filters. It won’t make a terrible snap brilliant – but it can work wonders with an average one.


Pocket (Free)

An essential app for those times when you’re sat bored on the train, bus or toilet, Pocket is a list of web articles you’ve saved for later reading. You can mark pretty much any web page, from pretty much any device, for later Pocket perusal – everything is kept up to date via the cloud.


Ridiculous Fishing (£1.99)

The stylish and gloriously silly fishing game – our award winner for mobile game of the year, no less – is finally available on Android. Using tilt controls, you cast your fishing line as deep as possible, then as it swiftly rises attempt to hook as many fish as possible, when the fish hit the surface they fly into the air, whereupon you blast them with a shotgun. You see: ridiculous!


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Wallpaper Casa (Free)

It’s simple, this one: it’s just a bunch of free wallpapers to choose from (over 260,000 to be exact), which can be searched by colour, download time or how new they are. If you’re seeking a classy new homescreen background for your new Moto G, you’ll find it here.


Real Racing 3 (£free)

Real Racing 3 is one of the best-looking Android games we've seen and it'll still look gorgeous on the Moto G's 720p display. With its quad-core Snapdragon 400 innards, the Moto G happily runs it with no problems whatsoever. Budget = bad? Not anymore.


Zooper (£free)

Zooper will make your Moto G's homescreen look more luxurious than any stock high-end smartphone with its powerfully customisable widget support. The Ubuntu-based clock above is one of many Zooper compatible widgets available on Google Play. Time for a makeover, we think.


Ubu Clock: play.google.com