Motorola Moto X: the 10 best apps to download first

WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

A catch-all messenger service allowing you to send text messages, photos, videos, map locations, even audio clips, WhatsApp works so well because it’s cross-platform, reliably stable and insanely popular – so most of your friends and family probably already use it.

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Snapseed (Free)

Now owned by Google, Snapseed is a handy little photo editing app that gives you plenty of scope for improving the shots turned out by the Moto X’s camera: you can tweak various criteria (brightness, contrast, saturation and ambience among them), straighten wonky photos, crop out unwanted parts of images and even adjust specific areas of a picture. Naturally, there’s a bunch of arty filters and frames you can slap on to boot.

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Agent (Free)

An app collection rather than a single-function tool, Agent fulfils five handy roles: it conserves battery life; it can quickly silence your Moto X for meetings and the like; it’ll remember where you parked your car; it’ll auto-respond to calls and texts while you’re driving; and it’ll only let important texts and calls come through to your phone while you’re sleeping.

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Vector (Free)

There are fair number of parkour-inspired games knocking around, but Vector is our favourite on Android – and it’s free to boot. Set in a Matrix-style world where humanity lives enslaved in some kind of virtual reality, it tasks you with completing each level in the fastest, smoothest way possible.

Swipes and gestures are used to steer your silhouetted free runner over, under (and sometimes through) obstacles. The animation is seamless and the structure – which gives you a star rating after each level, a bit like Angry Birds – will keep you coming back for more.

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Jelly (Free)

A new way to find answers to your questions, Jelly (co-founded by ex-Twitter man Biz Stone) lets you send out a picture to your social network contacts. If they can’t help you find the answer, they can forward it to their own contacts until somebody does. It’s still early days for Jelly, but it’s an intriguing service and one which should improve as it gains more users.

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