Modulo battery packs stack up to expand their power: multiple gadget charging, here we come

These juiced-up Lego-like bricks will fight off low battery warnings for good

Portable power pack? Yawn. I get them free in my cereal
While most portable power packs are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, the Modulo is different.

While it acts as a standard power pack - recharging your phone when it's on its last legs - it can do much more.

Ooooh, like laptops?
Not quite. But the beauty of the Modulo is that it can change demanding devices like iPads.

A single Modulo unit packs in 2100mAh's worth of power, outputting 1.2A from its USB port. That's enough for a phone, but not quite enough for an iPad, which requires 2.1A to charge at normal speeds. And that's where the second Modulo comes in.

You can stack up multiple Modulo units to increase their capacity and output. Couple two together, and suddenly you've got a 4200mAh battery with 2.4A - enough to charge an iPad. Clever eh?

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But what if I have more than one dying gadget?
No problem. Stacking two or more Modulo units together means that you can charge more than one gadget at a time.

The Modulo also has a 'smart attach' sticky strip on its rear which can grip the back of your phone for on-the-go charging without leaving any residue when you take it off.

Neat. But can I recharge the battery pack and my phone at the same time?
You sure can. Not only that, but the Kickstarter stretch goal ambitions point to wireless charging units, ones with built-in cables, and even wind-up kinetic and solar-powered units.

I'm in. But my wallet might not be...
US$25 is all it takes to snap up an early bird unit from Kickstarter, while US$60 will nab you three units for some serious portable power.

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