Misfit Shine teams up with Beddit for a more accurate sleep tracking service

Reckon you’re not getting enough quality shut-eye? There’s now a way to get a deeper analysis of your nocturnal downtime

Several health trackers and smartphone apps are capable of tracking your sleep activity, but the Misfit Shine is about to offer something a little more in-depth than most of its rivals.

The company has partnered with Beddit to create the Misfit Beddit Sleep System. The key component is a long, paper-thin sensor that slides underneath your mattress and communicated with the Misfit Shine via Bluetooth.

Wake up feeling refreshed

The sensor, which can’t be felt through your mattress and thus won’t cause any discomfort, is capable of accurately tracking heart rate, breathing, movement and snoring. All this data is integrated into Misfit Shine’s existing app.

One result is “Smart Alarm”, which uses the data to wake you up while you’re in the light stage of your sleep cycle; the idea is that you’ll feel far more refreshed than if you were pulled out of a deep sleep. You can also view graphs and stats related to sleep in order to help set yourself goals and see insights as to why you’re sleeping better or worse on particular nights.

The Misfit Beddit Sleep System will cost US$150 (£90) in the US. A UK price has yet to be confirmed.

[Misfit via CNET]

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