10 of the best Nokia Lumia 1020 apps

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (Free)

Building the ultimate weapon in the universe won’t be easy. You’ll be answering to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader when the Galactic Bux is running low. Keep a close watch on Rebel scum infiltrating shops, in this cheerful management game. If the opportunity arises, send them straight to the Interrogation room and unlock unbelievably cute parodies from the Star Wars films.

Download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

TuneIn Radio (Free)

Ok, you’re not that willing to part with £10 a month for the Spotify subscription. We hear you, so here’s an alternative - TuneIn Radio. This nifty app offers over 100,000 radio stations and has no lack of music streams to satisfy your aural needs. Just remember to strap your device to a Wi-Fi connection; you won’t want to get a huge bill shock from excessive data usage.

Download TuneIn Radio

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Vine (Free)

Taking photos and sharing it on Twitter is so last year. Download Vine, and immortalise your shenanigans on video. Go on, post some 6-second videos and you might become internet famous. Enjoy it, it won't last.

Download Vine

WhatsApp (Free)

Windows Phone has a well-integrated messaging service, combining text messages, Skype and even Facebook messages together. But what’s the point of all that, if most of your friends are on other services such as WhatsApp? Fortunately, the instant messaging service has eradicated most of the bugs that caused an infinite amount of lag (and pain). Go forth, and chat away.

Download WhatsApp

Xbox One SmartGlass (Free)

Did Santa send you an Xbox One this Christmas? Then you'll want to download the SmartGlass app, a handy fruit of the union between Microsoft and Nokia that lets you remotely control your music, movies and surf the web on the next-gen gaming console. Xbox 360 owners needn't feel left out; there's a version of SmartGlass for their console, too.

Download Xbox One SmartGlass


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