Meet ZEUS, a combination 3D printer, scanner and copy machine that'll have you reaching for your wallet

This amazing 'make-it-yourself' machine makes other 3D printers look dumb. Plus it comes in a Storm Trooper paint job

AIO Robotics has created a combination 3D printer, scanner and copy machine, and fittingly named it ZEUS – god of all home 3D printers. The panda-coloured piece of kit features a 7in touchscreen and is made from machined aluminium, giving it a much more premium feel than its consumer-level 3D printing competition.

Not just a pretty face

The ZEUSS has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves to pull on your tech heartstrings.

For starters, users can fax models form one printer to another, after which the receiving printer automatically adjusts itself to start printing without any pesky modifications made on your behalf.

You can also scan physical objects with the ZEUSS' built-in laser, which is able to capture even fine textures from all angles before converting it into a ready-to-print 3D model. Its 360 degree turntable, combined with rotating lasers means that can produce 800 scans per side – a huge benefit over existing scanners with fixed lasers.

It's essentially a 3D photocopying machine, and is the first step on the glorious road to having your very own cloning machine.

According to AIO Robotics, the most common failures in current 3D printers are caused by uneven surfaces. The ZEUSS's software is able to detect uneven surfaces and automatically compensate for them while printing to ensure your 3D-printed coffee mug doesn't come out looking like flattened roadkill.

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I want it now

So do we, friend. You'll have to donate to ZEUSS' Kickstarter page if you want the dream to become a reality. Prices start at US$2,000. Pricey, but worth it.

You'll be printing off your personalised Game-of-Thrones-meets-Marvel chessboard in no time.

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