WIN a Sony NW-WS413 Walkman

Sony's new waterproof walkman could be yours to have and hold

Some people want the moon on a stick.

We can’t help with that - the moon is actually a lot further away than it looks, and anyways we’re clean out of sticks - but if you’re lucky we might be able to give you a Sony Walkman in a box. “Wait a second!” we hear you exclaim, “Where do I stick my cassette tapes into that piddly contraption?" No cassettes necessary, granddad. Sony have only gone an reinvented their iconic Walkman so now it’s just two comfortable rubber earbuds, with no bulky cassette deck to get in the way.

Oh, and it’s waterproof too. We know, that’s bonkers. But if you feel like prancing about in the rain, or submerging yourself in up to 2 metres of water, then you’ve got a whole 4GB of storage space to play with. That’s around 1000 Katy Perry songs to practice your backstroke to. And you don’t even need a stick to do it.

How To Enter

For a chance to win a Sony NW-WS413 Walkman answer this simple question:

The Sony NW-WS413 Walkman is water resistant up to how many metres?

A… One billion metres

B… It’s not actually water resistant, but jam resistant

C… Two metres

Competition closes 30 November