Man hacks 3D printer into an unstoppable air hockey robot

We welcome our superior robotic overlords with trembling arms

When is a 3D printer not a 3D printer? Why, when it's an unforgiving, unnaturally accurate air hockey player of course.

Armed with a toolbox, parts for a RepRap 3D printer and a burning desire to smash a puck across a table of air, Jose Julio has hammered and drilled together a self-playing air hockey robot.

The table itself is made from wood, while standard PC fans supply the air to cushion the puck from below.

The puck and mallet (yep, we just learned that word too) are arguably the easiest thing to make as they're knocked up by a 3D printer. A laptop/PS3 Eye camera make up the eyes and brains of the robot itself, and it's scarily good too.

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You'll need quite a lot of equipment (not to mention time) if you want to create your very own robot opponent, but if you're feeling up to the task then there's a set of detailed instructions here, along with software to transform your hacked 3D printer into a ruthless air hockey nemesis.

Please, no one make an automated darts robot. We're scared enough as it is.

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[Ciencia y cacharreo via Gizmodo]

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