Locked out of the house? No problem, just use your iPhone

iOS app KeyMe comes to the rescue when your keys take an unexpected holiday

Ah, keys. Nature's escape artists. They have a mind of their own and end up in the oddest of places, instigating torrents of elaborate curses from our normally very polite mouths. And nothing is worse than locking yourself out after your house keys have gone for a wander.

Luckily a very handy iOS app (sorry Android fans) called KeyMe hopes to come to the rescue when your keys have met their demise at the bottom of a drain. Or have been nabbed by a renegade magpie.

The app – available here – lets you take a photo of your keys before scanning them and converting them to a diagram which your local locksmith can then use to cut a new key from scratch.

You can store your virtual keys in the cloud for free, but you'll need to fork out US$10 to access them. Better than an emergency locksmith though, right?

EDIT: It appears that KeyMe is only available in the US App Store. So everyone else be extra vigilante with your keys for the time being.

[via Engadget]


This application is not available in UK store. 

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