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25 best pirate movies ever

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday. Here’s arrr pick of swashbuckling films, me land lubber

25 best time travel movies ever

You can't travel back in time to have another crack at getting hold of Marty McFly's Nike Mags, so why not join us for time travel movie marathon instead?

25 best biopics ever

Lives less ordinary are often immortalised in film. Some are triumphant, some tragic. These are the best

25 best party movies ever

Treat your “morning after” brain to one of these classic party films after this year’s office do

25 best toy movies ever

When we became men, we failed to put away childish things. That’s why we think you’ll enjoy these toy-themed films

25 best war movies

"War is hell," said General Sherman. War movies, on the other hand, are great. Here are the best of the lot

25 best school movies ever

With Apple busily reinventing education today, here's our look at the best school films of all time. Textbooks at the ready
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