LG reviews

LG HS102

3 stars
LG follows Korean rival Samsung into the pocket projector market, with decent if expensive results

LG 42LH5000

5 stars
A price drop from £1000 to £750 sees this high-spec LG set switch from ‘premium’ to ‘affordable’ territory. And that, surely, can only be good news... right?

LG 37LF7700

4 stars
LG’s first Freesat-equipped TV is aggressively priced, comprehensively specified and delivers the goods in style

LG BD370

3 stars
LG’s affordable Blu-ray player arrives promising lightening load times. But does its picture hold up?

LG KM900 Arena

4 stars
The Arena touch phone ushers in LG’s swanky new S-Class user interface. Should you be licking your fingers in anticipation?


4 stars
Packed with features and costing just two tons, this LG looks a bona fide hi-fi bargain. But is there something missing?
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