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LG G Pro 2 review
21 April 2014/16:05BST

LG G Pro 2 review

The march of the phablets shows no signs of abating, and being a super-sized version of the excellent G2 makes...
28 January 2014/16:25GMT

LG G Pro 2 preview

UPDATE 11/02/14: The G Pro 2 gets its own special event on 13 February, ahead of Mobile World Congress
19 December 2013/16:01GMT

LG G Flex review

It’s different, we grant you that, but is the curvy G Flex also revolutionary?
LG G Pad 8.3 review
09 November 2013/13:12GMT

LG G Pad 8.3 review

LG brings a surprisingly lovely build and 1080p screen to the inbetweener 8in tablet scrap. The question – is £260 cheap enough?
06 September 2013/18:37BST

LG G2 review

The LG G2 promised the moon on a stick when it was announced, and this fabulous smartphone does not disappoint
17 January 2013/16:41GMT

LG BH8220B review

This LG might be expensive but its pretty good looking with a silver aluminium finish. Does enough substance lurk beneath...
Google Nexus 4
08 November 2012/18:30GMT

Google Nexus 4 review

Is Google's cheap-yet-powerful smartphone a poke in the eye for pricier handsets - or lost without 4G?
LG 42LM660T
21 September 2012/17:43BST

LG 42LM660T review

The feature-packed, 3d-capable, LED-backlit and Smart 42LM660T looks too good to be true for the price. But is it?
13 September 2012/17:25BST

LG Optimus 4X HD review

Drumroll please for LG’s flagship phone of 2012: the LG Optimus 4X HD – can high-end specs on a tasty...
07 May 2012/0:00BST

LG 47LM960V review

With seven specs and bags of content, this superb passive 3D TV is worth every penny