The 10 best Lego minifigures ever

Luke Skywalker (1999)

The very first Lego minifigure based on an outside license, Luke came packed in the Star Wars X-Wing set alongside his luckless moustachioed wingman Biggs Darklighter. The star of video games and a charming Father's Day animation, Luke's one of the centrepieces of the modern Lego range.

Old Style Minifigure (1975)

Before there were the blandly grinning Lego men we're all familiar with, these more abstract characters were the norm. Next to the modern minifigures, they're a bit eerie, with their blank faces and limbless bodies – especially the cowboy-hatted one, which looks like something out of Westworld.

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Ice Planet Female (2002)

Smashing through the glass ceiling with a laser blaster, this was the first female minifigure in the Space range. Princess Leia's got nothing on her.

Punk Rocker (2011)

This axe-wielding guy is as loud as his hairdo. We approve. Swap his head for that of the Scottish Highland Battler minifigure and you've got yourself a Metallica fan, circa 1985.

Hippie (2012)

There's been a lot of talk recently about how Lego minifigures are all angry and confrontational instead of the smiley happy chappies of old. So in the interests of balance, here's a monder minifig who's only interested in peace and love, proffering a fistful of flowers with a gently baked expression.

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