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British audio boffs celebrate 50th birthday by designing some massive speakers. Doesn't everyone?

KEF T105

5 stars
Super-skinny home cinema to sit next to your slimline telly


5 stars
Bring some egg-shaped surround sound joy into your life with KEF’s updated 5.1 speaker package

KEF Picoforte 3

4 stars
Billed as an ‘audiophile music system’ the Picoforte 3 is a neat small-room system solution that boasts more style and convenience than most of the iPod dock brigade

KEF Kit 100

5 stars
The Kef Kit100 uses two front-facing drivers with flat NXT panels behind to reflect sound off side walls – it’s a nice trick

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5 stars
Do these understated floor-standing speakers secretly house performance to blow the competition away?
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