iRiver reviews

iRiver P7

4 stars
The P7 brings a stylish design and fresh ‘magazine-style’ interface to the PMP scene. Will it become a cult alternative to the iPod Touch?

iRiver Spinn

3 stars
iriver’s first touch-screen enabled PMP sports a nifty ‘toggle wheel’ interface. Will it turn our heads or leave us dizzy?

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iRiver B20

4 stars
The B20’s here to redefine DAB in your pocket. It’s an amazing little device, but can it contend in the PMP arena?

iRiver Clix 2

4 stars
Our favourite alternative MP3 player has returned with a new slimline design and a refined spec list. But can it hunt down the Nano?

iRiver X20

3 stars
A sub-£100 flash player that can play video and has a built-in speaker? That Samsung K5 should be worried

iRiver U10

5 stars
The U10 is a stunner with FM radio, solid build and the trusty endurance of 34-hour battery life

iRiver H10

4 stars
The iRiver H10 isn’t the new kid on the block anymore, but it’s tried and tested and simple to opertate
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