iPod and MP3 reviews

Cowon Q5W

4 stars
For the gadgeteer who wants a PMP that does it all, the Q5W looks enticing. But like a summer temp postie, does it deliver?

Archos 105

2 stars
Archos has joined the ultra portable fray with the 105. Is the baby of the family full-fat or semi-skimmed?

Sony NWZ-A815

5 stars
Sony has dumped SonicStage for its new flash player. Hurrah say we, but can the NWZ-A815 satisfy our demanding shell-likes?

Creative Zen

4 stars
Creative's back with a serious-looking mini media player. How's it going to fare against Apple’s ubiquitous iPod Nano?

Samsung P2

4 stars
It’s hard to look past the iPod Touch when it comes to touch screen media players – but crane your neck and you might catch a glimpse of Samsung’s marvellous YP-P2
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