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01 October 2008/6:00BST

Archos 5 review

The Archos 5 is the latest in a fine line ‘Internet Media Tablets’. But does it taste sweet or leave...
24 September 2008/6:00BST

Sony NWZ-A829B review

Sony’s latest Walkman packs 16GB of storage and stereo Bluetooth support. Is it the world’s finest mini PMP?
19 September 2008/6:00BST

Apple iPod Nano 4G review

Apple’s latest iPod Nano features some new tricks, plus its been overdosing on Slim-Fast
18 September 2008/6:00BST

Apple iPod Touch 2G review

The new Touch is claiming to be the funnest iPod ever. And, luckily, there are more improvements besides a new...
17 September 2008/6:00BST

iRiver Spinn review

iriver’s first touch-screen enabled PMP sports a nifty ‘toggle wheel’ interface. Will it turn our heads or leave us dizzy?
20 August 2008/6:00BST

Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB review

Can X-Fi sound enhancement tech and a smattering of Wi-Fi elevate Creative’s latest portable media player beyond its contemporaries?
29 July 2008/6:00BST

iRiver L-Player 8GB review

Good old iRiver’s back with another Nano-baiter. Can the titchy L Player charm our eyes and ears?
03 July 2008/6:00BST

SanDisk Sansa Fuze review

Many may feel the MP3 fight’s over, but Sandisk’s new Sansa offers astonishing value for money
05 June 2008/6:00BST

Tonium Pacemaker review

Promising all the features of a DJ booth in one pocketable gadget, the Pacemaker is truly unique. But is it...
18 March 2008/5:00GMT

Sony NWZ-A826 review

Sony's Bluetooth-toting, big-screen Nano botherer is here to build on the success of its NWZ-A810 sibling. And build it does…...