Microsoft reveals new anime Internet Explorer mascot. Yes, really

What, you never realised Internet Explorer was a doe-eyed animated heroine before?

So apparently we've been looking at Internet Explorer all wrong. We know this because Microsoft, in conjunction with Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013 and Collateral Damage Studios, has unveiled Inori Aizawa – the anime personification of Internet Explorer 11. 

That's right. IE is a girl, and she wears a skirt with the windows logo on it and everything.

The video below, made in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s CACANi Animation, is everything you'd expect it to be, with more flashing lights than a paparazzi convention and a soundtrack that'll give you a sugar rush just listening to it.

Inori Aizawa in action

Starting from today, a special version of IE 11 featuring the mascot can be downloaded from, though we're personally going to hold out for Firefox and Chrome to reveal their superhero personas.

What a summer blockbuster that would be...

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So when Google Now achieves sentience and Android takes over the world, IE will save us?

It's actually been improving as a browser and it should be good, after all, its designed for Windows and doesn't stutter how Chrome does on lower end machines.

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