iKettle Wi-Fi kettle is the 21st-century Teasmade

Brew up a cuppa from the comfort of your bed, with one click of your smartphone

You know how it is, fellow tech-heads – you show a Muggle your shiny new smartphone and they scoff, "What else does it do, make the tea?"

Now you can answer, "Yes. Yes it can." And then run off, laughing. The iKettle is the world's first Wi-Fi kettle – you can control it using an iOS or Android app, setting it to heat water to the temperature of your choice (if you're a fussy drinker who believes that green tea should never be brewed over 80 degrees Celsius) and maintain it for as long as you like.

It won't heat up if there's no water in the kettle – so there's no chance you'll burn the house down – and a Wake mode alarm lets you greet the morning with a freshly-brewed cuppa.

Okay, it's not cheap, at £100 from Firebox – but it's less than your very own butler. You can pre-order now, with stock expected to arrive in November.


If it made the drink for me I'd buy one. I want to be able to put in the coffee or tea of my choice, and have compartments that I refill with sugar and coffee whitener. Also ideally a sensor that can detect the size of the mug you've placed under it so it knows just how much to fill it. If someone could hurry up and invent anti-gravity it would be nice if the finished cupa could float up to my bedroom in the morning.

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