Huawei Mediapad review

4 stars
Classy aluminium-clad Android Honeycomb 7-incher

Huawei Mediapad – smart on the outside

Huawei’s 7-incher isn’t the thinnest tablet on the block, but it has a beautifully crafted aluminium body that feels just right in the hand. That build quality extends to the display, which packs 1280x800 pixels into a palm-sized IPS screen, making it exceptionally sharp and colourful without the limited viewing angles of cheaper rivals.

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Huawei Mediapad – what's inside?

The Mediapad is pricey compared to the similarly sized Kindle Fire, but it’s better looking, more versatile and has that stunning – if small – screen. However, you only get a basic Android 3.2 Honeycomb interface without bespoke apps or services, the 8GB of onboard storage quickly fills up, and the fast processor doesn’t really translate into above-average speed.

Huawei Mediapad – expandability

The built-in 3G modem offsets that somewhat, making it great value, and one of the dark plastic grips on the underside of the Huawei peels off to reveal that SIM slot and space for a microSD card, so you’re not limited by the paltry built-in flash storage.

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Huawei Mediapad

After a small-screened tablet? The Mediapad is an elegant all-rounder

Huawei Mediapad review
4 stars


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