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HTC Desire S

HTC Desire S video review

The Desire S is very much an evolution of the popular Desire smartphone. It may not be the most powerful Android smartie, but with a great design and intuitive software, it's a seriously covetable device
HTC 7 Pro

HTC 7 Pro video review

With its tilting slide-out keyboard and robust design, the HTC 7 Pro is a typists dream, but are the other specifications good enough to make this a must-have handset?
HTC Titan

HTC Titan video review

It's not called the Titan for nothing, bringing with it a sense of size, power and magnificence. But are a mahoosive 4.7in screen, 1.5GHz processor and the all new Windows Mango OS enough to do that name justice?

HTC One S video review

The wafer-thin, Ice cream Sandwich-toting One S is HTC's thinnest phone yet and second in command to the quad-core-toting One X. With a healthy selection of great features and the latest software, the One S will make for a great smartphone companion. See it in action in our video review

HTC One V video review

The One V is the third and final member of HTC's One trilogy – and the most wallet friendly. It's even brought back the HTC Legend's protruding chin. But how does it compare to its bigger, beefier brothers?
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